Fantastic Fridays

95 Theses
For all the protestant fans of Martin Luther, we have linkage to some hard core rapping for the revolutionary.

Radio Flyer Cloud 9
There are wagons and then there is the post-modern over-the-top ridiculousness of the Radio Flyer Cloud 9.

Extreme Ironing
One should never let extreme weather interfere with the basics of daily living.

It's a lamp that opens and closes during the day like a flower, giving you the right amount of light when  you need it. How cool is that?

A photo exhibit by the French artist Denis Darzacq.

Johnny Cash Does Elvis
Even if you have already seen this it is worth watching again. Hilarious!

Depressed Stormtrooper
When you blow up a death  star, you are ruining people's lives. Think about it.