Joyful Side of My Friend's Death

As I was walking across campus today, I recalled a dear friend who passed away several years ago. Her name is Sam. She was in her 20's when she had complications with her health that led to a sudden, unexpected death. Sam was a fiercely loyal friend with an infectious smile and a distinctive laugh. Sam was a true friend and I miss her. However, I wasn't sad when I thought of Sam today. Instead, I had a genuine laugh on the inside and thought to myself, "I will see Sam again".

I will see her again after this life is over. It was a simple thought, yet a profound one. Death seems so final for most of us, and has felt that way many times in my life. Often, it is the death of a relationship, a bridge burned, another chapter finished. I feel this way every time I say good bye to a student worker for the last time. I have the privilege of spending 4-5 years with them and then they are off to start a new life. Most of them never return. It hurts and I cry a little on the inside. Then there are the physical deaths, like my friend Sam. Her mortal body will never breath life again. Her existence this side of heaven is indeed over. The last chapter written.

But the book was not closed. One of the joyful things about life is that it is eternal. Eternal in the sense that once I shed this earthly suit, I will embrace the rest of eternity in Heaven, within the presence of God and in the company of my friend Sam. So if God allows you to read blogs up there, know that I thought about you today Sam. I will see you "shortly."