Love us, not them

I have had this quote sitting on my desk for the past 2 weeks:

“Love people and use things…not the other way around.”

At first, I had a “duh” reaction. I would never dream of using another person for my own gain. I’m a Christian, right? But then it hit me as the Holy
Spirit asked me:

  • Have I ever been frustrated because my video game time was interrupted in order to help the kids with something?
  • Have I ever been inconvenienced by my spouse because she asked me to go get her a drink during a movie?
  • Have I ever rushed to get my “honey-do” list done so that I could move on to something more entertaining?

In all these scenarios, I never once used anyone. But I violated the underlying principle, which is to say that humans on all accounts are far more important and valuable than things. Our “stuff” is only important in as much as its ability to serve humanity.  There is no intrinsic value to my computer, my video game, my book, my movie, etc.

We were created in the Image of God and this adds an insurmountable amount of value to our identity as humans.


  1. Haha, Kevin I had noticed this on your desk and wondered what you were up to. After reading the sticky note, I found that I appreciated the quote. Even though I thought that it had come from your own mind!!!

  2. @Sean - well now the secret is out!