True Story

I am certain that you reader came to the blog on Friday expecting a list of Fantastic Finds. Upon realizing there was no list, you felt saddened or disappointed by its lack of presence. You came back over the course of a few days hoping to find something and was disappointed over and over. Well, last Friday was fantastic because my son, Hendrix Aaron was born. However, the past 5 days in and of themselves were nothing short of exhausting:

  • Thursday night, the power went out at our house. We choose to have home births with a midwife, so this is kind of a big deal. After 2 hours, we decided it was time to move to a hotel. That's right, a hotel (Best Western to be exact).
  • We rented 2 adjacent rooms, the kind with the doors in the middle that let you share the rooms. Upon arriving, my mother-in-law bolted the room the other 2 kids were staying in for their own safety. Within the half hour, the kids manage to shut the door between the rooms. These doors can only be accessed from the inside of the room you are staying. Ergo, we were locked out of the room entirely as it was bolted from the outside and locked from the inside.
  • Next, we needed to hook the hose up to the shower to fill the birthing tub. The shower head is tiny and the hose will not fit. I went to Wal-mart and was not able to find an adapter. So we cut the hose off at the end. We attempted to heat it up with hair dryer (to make it more elastic) but the hotel dryer didn't work. Fortunately, my mother-in-law had one in her luggage bag. Eventually, we were able to get the hose on and clamped after 3 trips to Wal-mart for different parts.
  • By this point the kids were wired and impossible to put to bed. I watched them while my poor wife labored in the other room. Presley could sense the intensity and had a complete melt down of screaming and fighting and doing pretty much everything but sleeping.
  • At some point the next morning, my wife decided to push but it wasn't time b/c she was not fully dialated. That was hard watching her go through that much pain. Not to mention, the continuous panic attacks she was feeling. Around 6:05 AM, Hendrix was born. We promptly cleaned up and headed home.
  • Over the weekend, the panic attacks worsened. Shots of adrenaline would pulse through her body and she couldn't sleep. This went on for 4 days, until we were able to get her on medication that did not pass through the breast milk.
  • During our time home, we noticed that Hendrix could not properly latch. Turns out his tongue was tethered. We called around locally and none of the doctors would see him since he was born at home. On Monday, we took him to Amarillo to get his tongue clipped.
  • Tuesday morning, I woke up with a massive eye infection. My eye was having an allergic reaction that created bumps under the tissue. These bumps were causing abrasions that made my eye feel as though there was sand constantly in it.
  • Tuesday afternoon, my wife went into a follow up appointment. She was sent back home because she did not have proof of Hendrix' birth (his physical presence was not enough).
  • Tuesday night, I took my wife to the E.R. The panic attacks were so severe that she could no longer cope. They put her on medication and it worked!
  • We came home from the E.R. to find our air conditioning went out. Furthermore, the ceiling fan's motor burned out. The 2 unrelated events were bent on making us miserable.
  • Wednesday morning we woke up exhausted from having no sleep due to new baby and burning up all night long.
  • Wednesday afternoon, I returned to work having used up every ounce of sick leave and vacation time because I am a new employee.


  1. Kevin and Amanda --

    We have been praying for you guys incessantly!! I know that the favor of the Lord is upon you and all will work out for you guys because you are faithful to Him!! We love you guys so much and we will continue to pray. Please let me know if we can do anything!


  2. Thank you Danielle. We certainly appreciate it!