Believer Bands

I don't know how my kids found out, but they did. The other day my oldest came in asking if we could buy him silly bands. Trending among kids and teens are these colorful shaped rubber bands that they wear and share with friends. Nothing wrong with it and they are about a buck at Wal-mart. We picked up the dinosaur and sea life versions of the bands. Within the hour they were already trading with the neighborhood kids. What's interesting is that my kids are home-schooled and their friends are home-schooled…so I don't have a clue how this caught on.
Christian Rubber Bands
At any rate, I was at the University Bookstore and looked over to find the "Christian" version of the silly bands. I thought to myself, "Seriously?!? They've Christianized rubber bands?" After a laugh, I bought a package (which happened to be 3 times the price of the secular rubber bands). I honestly don't see my 8 year old sharing the Roman Road to his friends because the rubber bands he is wearing are shaped like the nativity set. You can pick up a set here:
So what's your take on it? Does Christian propaganda upset you?