Fantastic Fridays: 10/8/10

It has been a very rough week. First, we ran out of checks. So I grabbed a set of temporary checks from my desk. After writing several checks, the bank called. It turns out that the temporary checks were from my business account several years ago. That account had been closed and they were returning all of the checks. One of those people to receive a "bad" check was the Boy Scouts, of which I am a leader and round table commissioner. I was so embarrassed!

Then our dishwasher decided to flood the dining room. The house air is permeated with this "wet dog" smell. Furthermore, the supply line to the dishwasher is an old copper one, that is not very flexible. It is too long and juts out past the cabinet. After I finally hooked it up, the dishwasher drain line emptied underneath the kitchen sinks. There is no place to "connect" the drain line. Looks like the previous owners replaced piping and left out the drain line for a new dishwasher.

Nevertheless, this is a Fantastic Friday!


  1. of those headache weeks where it is one thing after another. I am glad you took the time to see the good things, too, for a fantastic Friday. God bless, brother!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement James.