Ignorance of Sin

Our attitude towards sin betrays our ignorance.

I posted this on Twitter the other day. It was a random thought that came to me by way of my love/hate relationship with Paul Washer. I subscribe to one of the podcasts that features some of his best sermons. This particular sermon was about the salvation process and that when one accepts salvation, a change must occur. That change is evident when you "hate the sin you once loved and love the righteousness that you once ignored."

Powerful words that have haunted me for the past couple of days. Let me stop there for a second, reader. This is not a post about condemnation or trying to manipulate your emotions to feel sorry for yourself. For there is no condemnation in Christ. This is about a reality check.

How do we treat sin in our lives? Do we truly desire to get rid of it or do we tolerate it because we know there is grace enough to cover it? I fit in with the latter. Sin is tolerable in my life because I enjoy it and I abuse the costly grace that was given to me.

What about you?