It This a Mistake

"Is this a mistake?" It is a question that I have asked myself many times over the course of this month. I found myself asking it again a few minutes ago. I finished giving my last final (my final final if you will) of the semester and maybe the last one for the rest of my life. As students passed in their completed exams, a couple of them dropped a few notes of encouragment such as "Thanks for the class" and "I enjoyed this course." I had one student told me that this class was the highlight of their week because it was so interesting. As I walked across campus, I thought about these statements and in the back of my mind the question popped up. Should I have accepted the new job?

This would not be my first time to leave Wayland. I left back in 2007 to pursue a full-time career in web programming. After about 2 years of working from home, I came back to Wayland asking for my old job back. My supervisor graciously accepted me back. Within a matter of months, I was surrounded by people who loved me, encouraged me, and was genuinely interested in my success as a supervisor and an instructor. On top of returnign to friends and familiarity, I was also given the opportunity to teach several courses and I loved every minute of it! There is something about connecting with students, building new friendships, and meeting all the interesting people who will most likely go on to be brilliant contributers to society.

However, that chapter is closing. I will be cleaning on my desk exactly one week from today and I wonder if I have made a mistake. I am moving on to a new company in Midland, where I will be working on the IT help desk. I do not know if I will be given the opportunities to teach or if I will have the strong and loving support system that I have at Wayland. To be honest, I am a little scared.

At the end of the day, I just have to trust that "good" will come out of this move. I am doing what I feel is best for my family and I look forward to the new people I will meet in this journey.