Perpetual Problem with Perception

Aside from the awesome alliteration, this post has a point. A friend at work humored the other day when he retold the first humiliating act of disobedience by his 3 year old daughter. They were in Toys-r-us at e time. It was time to go and his daughter failed to see eye to eye. When he called her to come, she took off running and screaming down the aisle. In attempt to coax her into calm submission, he would slow his pace down and with trepidation attempt to get close enough to grab her. Sensing her impending doom and the interruption of her playtime, she bolted again. This went on for several minutes, until he was finally able to catch her. The story ended with his daughter kicking & screaming as he carried her out the store with an overwhelming sense of embarrassment and anger.

I laughed seeing the humor in the situation because a parent of three children, I have been in that situation before. However, as our conversation continued it took a different angle regarding perspective. Turns out that his daughter's rebellious act lead us to see where we are in this relationship with God.

God exists outside of our timeline and has eternal perspective every time He imposes His schedule on our lives. More often than not, we behave like my friend's daughter because from our perspective He is just "taking away our fun". We do not feel like leaving the store right now because we don't "need to go eat" or run more errands. We are so limited in our view of things that it is near impossible for us to see the forest for the trees.

The next time my life is impacted by some life event, I want to take a step back and realize that there is more to this story than just leaving the store. There is an entire world out there with a million schedules, angles, perspectives on life. There is only one perspective that rises above it all. HIS.