Humbled by My 10 Year Old

Caedmon had been saving for this toy for 2 months now through the children's program at our local church. Kids who attend, memorize scripture, and/or bring friends are awarded "kids cash" that they can trade in for prizes at the end of each month. My oldest diligently saved his earnings for this moment. He had his eyes on a Bionicle that cost $80 in kids cash. Needless to say, he was beyond ecstatic this morning when traded in all his hard earned money for this toy.

The source of his joy may surprise you reader. Caedmon was not excited because he had finally gotten his hands on this toy. He was excited because his sister wanted this toy and he was able to give it to her. In a moment's time, Caedmon had traded all the cash so that he could selflessly give Presley a toy. There was absolutely nothing in it for him.

I was full of pride and on the verge of tears. His heart was pure and humbling. She had done nothing to earn this toy. There were no bets, no debt, no favors exchanged. Just family love.

If only we all adopted this mentality, the world would be a much better place. When is the last time you gave away something you spent saving for in the exchange of seeing someone else's joy?


  1. You have such an amazing family! You are doing an awesome job raising your children.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I am truly blessed to call him "son".

  3. What an awesome fella he is! Yay Caedmon!

  4. I love this story! What a kind and generous young man you are raising!!