Need Some Blogs

If you have kept up with my blog through the years, then I am impressed by your resilience & profoundly interested in what kept you coming back. I have thought about my first blog ( what brought me into the world of blogging before and it was the sense of community, relationships formed with complete strangers, and intriguing look into the "private" lives of other. Tonight I found myself going back down that ally looking for the friends & blogs I once read. Sadly, most of them have not been updated in years.

So I am leaving it in your hands now? Any good reads out there?


  1. I know! I loved Xanga when I first joined. I communicate best by writing, so I appreciated the chance to get into well-thought-out discussions, or just post and read really hilarious things, without waiting to see if it came up in conversation. I pretty much left when most of my friends did; there just wasn't that much community and discussion anymore.

    Blogs I enjoy: - posts regularly, skillful and very thoughtful writer - posts rarely, especially this year. Posts are long. Very knowledgeable and thoughtful.
    Missionaries' blogs: - discipleship in Niger - international communications - a little rambling, but has some good stories
    And you may remember Sarah:

    And I guess you follow Michelle's Turning over a new leaf?

    1. Thanks for the links. Much appreciated!