The First Miracle

John captures a remarkable moment in history in the second chapter of his gospel story. In it, we are told that Christ was at a wedding, wherein the host ran out of wine. Jesus being none other than Christ chose at that moment to transform several jars of water into remarkable wine.

I don't think it was an accident that Christ chose turning water into wine as His first miracle. Think about it reader. He had eons to mull this over & Christ chose this exact instance. What does that say to us? Well part of the answer is in the guests' response. Normally, the hosts serves the best wine first and then as his guests get wasted, they bring out the lower quality wine. Not Christ. Once He starts a good work in you, he will complete it to finish. And it will be His finest work, seeing you beyond the broken, tasteless vessel you are, & realizing what He meant you to be from the very beginning of your life - full of flavor.

Beyond this I think we have to look at the social context of this scripture. He chose a wedding! Of all the times in history, He chose a wedding!  Does this not shadow the intimacy that the Father desires with us? Maybe I've missed something all these years. I have always had this notion that He is my Father and I can relate to Him, when I need advice or am having a bad day. But there's more to this relationship. There is more to this life, a purpose beyond my career & intimate story.

Then we move forward in the Gospel story and are blown away by Communion at "The Last Supper". Christ knew before He performed the first miracle that this day would come and that thousands of year later we would continue to memorialize that peculiar feast of bread & wine. It is such a layered story that he left us dear reader!

So the question then is do I (read: you) feel filled with water or wine? I would say I am mostly water. That answer doesn't come from humility either. It comes from an honest & selfish heart. I continue to teeter on that edge of doing something great & falling back to what feels safe. I am honestly so lost in this relationship that I don't know the next step. I've "lost that loving feeling" and feel very held back.

What about you reader? Do you feel more like water or wine? What can you do to bring about change?


  1. Kevin,

    I am afraid that I can't answer your question directly, but your post reminds me of something I read recently and have found to be of great comfort. In a book called Reaching Out by Henri Nouwen, he talks about how we presume to understand what it feels like for God to be near us. He questions whether our intuitions are necessarily correct since God is so beyond us. He suggests it might be that sometimes when God "feels" the farthest from us it is actually, for all we know, when he is the very nearest to us.