The Rocks Cry Out... Sort Of

Another one of those universal mysteries are the Singing Sand Dunes that appear through out the world's deserts in places like Morocco, China, and Oman. The natural phenomenon is believed to be caused through a combination of grains of sand falling down the sides of dunes and the winds blowing.

I find this to be a fascinating testimony to what Chris portrayed in the book of Luke. You are probably familiar with the scenery.  As the Messiah prepares for his triumphal entry, he commands his disciples to lay blankets on the back of a donkey.  They obey, irritating the Pharisees who in turn request that Christ rebuke his disciples. His response was just as fascinating as the singing sand dunes:

"I tell you the truth. If my disciples were to keep quiet, even the rocks would cry out!"

That concept made an impression on me the first time I read it. In fact, I lost my mind over the verse. It was during one of those moments, when you encounter God in such a powerful way that you feel restored, refreshed, and clean.  Having read the verse and with tears in my eyes, I jumped up, ran out of my room and proceeded to have a conversation with a tree.

Yes, reader...a tree. In fact it wasn't even really conversation, because I was yelling at the tree and it refused to talk back.  I told the tree that I would not allow it to cry louder than me. That my God was not to be worshiped harder and with more effort from a tree than from my very heart. I am most certain that the people walking by thought me a lunatic. I didn't really care and I am sure God was humored by it.

Have you had any moments when you lost your mind?

Sources: National Geographic


  1. Lost my mind? Hmmm, I think if I ever were to, it would be somehow due to hanging onto my mind too viciously.

    I think a lot of the reason I've always loved to study science is that I love seeing how atoms, currents, and orbits ascribe glory to God. The atmosphere is an invisible fortress; Saturn a ballet; sharks an example. They all praise God just by being what He created them to be. But you're right, we can and ought to praise Him to a greater degree, because we do so consciously.

  2. I couldn't agree more with this statement: "They all praise God just by being what He created them to be." I think it is ironic and entertaining that Lucifer's very existence is a testimony to the greatness of God; that no matter how hard the enemy opposes the Creator, at the end of the day, Satan is nothing more than "created."