King Face

Last week, we talked about redefining manhood through the lens of the two Adams & by identifying the primary problem facing men today: passivity. This week I want to look at how media & culture currently identify men.  Our culture tends to portray men in one dimensional tough & emotionally void caricatures such as the CEO or the guy with all the toys.

The Bible paints a different picture of a multidimensional manhood defined by a broad masculinity that expresses itself appropriately & passionately using various the various faces of a King, a Warrior, a Lover & a Friend. Take a look at King David: slew a giant in his youth, fought wars, lead a Kingdom, and in his spare time wrote poems & played a harp. 

King Face: Lead with Integrity

The first face is one that reflects these principles:
  • Strong convictions
  • Courageous moral choices
  • Servent spirit
  • Righteous leadership
When given a chance to take advantage of someone, the King Face chooses the higher path. When asked to keep a promise, the King Face does so even when it is difficult. When given the opportunity to lie, steal or cheat without anyone knowing, the King Face chooses integrity. The King Face is so solid at  its core that it gives direction in the midst of confusion.

Look at the story of Nathan and David in 2 Samuel. I am sure you are familiar with the story: David sees a woman bathing (Bathsheba), sends her husband to the front lines of the war to be killed so that King David could sleep with her.  Nathan knew that he could be expelled from the Kingdom, thrown into prison, or worse, killed,  and yet, he still chose to approach King David and tell him that he was wrong. Incidentally, King David chose to show his "king face" as well because he owned up to his mistakes and asked for forgiveness. 
An incredibly powerful face, but not without its faults:
  • Too Much - if left unchecked, the King Face can become an overbearing tyrant trampling all the relationships around him.
  • Too Little  - a man who lacks the King Face will find himself compromising on those things that matter most.


I don't have a problem with the King Face in my own life. I went through a terrible childhood and came out the other side morally grounded, rooted in the essence of Christ and protected by the Grace of God. In my own life, I need to work on reestablishing those early connections so that I am not compromising unintentionally.