Stability of Christ

I work in a wonderfully stressful & rewarding environment, managing the training needs of a 750+ employee company. On one day, I am facilitating mandatory supervisor (you should try telling people they have to come!) training and the next I am teaching a class on pivot tables & vlookups. My occupation involves taking seemingly complicated technological skills and delivering them in a some-what 'layman's terms' fashion that connects the users needs with the tools they already have in their hands. It involves arranging catering, tracking attendance, ordering materials, and cultivating an environment, a culture of learning within an incredibly fast-paced company wherein many employees might feel they are too busy to learn. It is indeed stressful, if not chaotic some of the time.

 Don't misunderstand my intent. I am not asking for sympathy for the stress I feel as that just comes with the package. Furthermore, the company I work for is equally good to their people as they are stressful, myself included. Nor do I wish to toot my own horn about my ability (or lack thereof) to complete my responsibilities in a timely and professional manner. No, instead, I want to draw attention to the chaos that surrounds any given worker regardless of their field of study and juxtapose it to the simple and wonderful statement that the author of Hebrews chose to share with us in his 13th chapter:
 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. 
 Simply stated. Powerfully delivered. The same effort and stability our Messiah put forth to start a revolution in the Kingdom of God is the same today as it was 2000 years ago. The cross was not a crescendo building up to the climax. Far from it! The cross was a starting point of redemption, an never ending tidal wave of love, power, courage & truth designed to take His people far beyond the borders of Israel and into the future. And compared to that my friends, my chaotic work life is nothing, if not, manageable. Jesus Christ is indeed the same today.