Missing Bible Verse

I have been looking for that verse that justifies me losing my mind & throwing all patience out the window at the end of a very disappointing day, but its not there. It is our second day of vacation and we have dealt with:

  • Switching hotels and having the first hotel refuse to refund our money to Expedia, who in turn will not refund us. We will have to call the hotel owner on Monday to settle things.
  • Was rained out of Six Flags which lead to its own set of problems
    • They did not offer refunds, only rain checks. There was an 80% chance of rain fall tomorrow and the line for rain checks was several hundred people deep. We were not going to wait in the rain any longer with the kids.
    • Our clothes and shoes were soaked. Our oldest didn't pack another set of shoes.
    • Left our ponchos in the car and had to buy more.
    • All the rides were shut down. We road one ride before they closed it down. So we drove 5 hours, paid for tickets, hotel, food, etc. for nothing. 
  • Driving through construction in Dallas / Ft. Worth. I am sure the locals who read this blog are laughing at us, but for not having a clue where anything was and how to drive in thick traffic is difficult enough without the construction.
  • Dealing with an exhausted toddler whose new form of communication when angry is biting.
  • Likewise dealing with a 7 year old who only knows how to communicate when she feels slighted by screaming (when most of the time she just has a distorted perspective).  
I think the most disappointing thing was that we had saved this money to go on a vacation together and it feels like we are just throwing it away. On top of this, my wife and I are physically and mentally exhausted. We realize the kids are as well, but we have no patience left!

I realized in writing this that Christ promised rest. Going to bed and start over tomorrow. Refreshed, renewed and willing to make lemonade out today's experience.