Superflous Saturdays

A curation of interesting finds on the web:

  • October: Broken Bells - Fascinating, interactive music video; worth the load. I've never heard of October before, but I like their sound.  
  • LOTR & The Hobbit in Watercolor - beautiful collection of watercolor art of the Hobbit
  • IBM Smart Ads - IBM released a Smarter Cities campaign with some very creative ads. Nice to have something than just pushing information in our faces.
  • Illustrations of Every Mac Made - Anyone knows our family, knows that we are mac people. So naturally, I had to share this find!
  • Book - For 36 weeks,  this book was passed between 4 artists, each who composed a page based on the preceding page. 
  • Psalm 139 - A beautiful illustration within this passage.
  • Letter Paper - Perhaps not as fantastic as it is practical; site with various types of paper templates (i.e. graph, columnar, etc.)
  • Right Angle Stapler - Why didn't I think of this! This is like the discovery of the post it note.
  • Cleverly Designed Mug - Stopping dripping stains from coffee cups all over the world.
  • Spectacular Moleskin Doodles - As the French would say, Incroyable!
  • Bookshelf Porn - Not as naughty as it sounds and completely safe for work.