Exciting But Very Secure

They did not know how long it was that they were lost to the world of dreams nor did they know what it was that had happened to them in that time. They only knew, as they stirred into gentle wakefulness, that they were no longer at the edge of the Silver River. They knew as well that the time was new and somehow different; the feeling was exciting but very secure.
- Terry Brooks, Sword of Shannara

This quote picks up after a group of adventurers lost their companion in the depth of darkened woods, scared to death by a gruesome monster known as the Skull Bearer that would have left them dead had not been for the intervention of an uncanny & unknown guardian who goes by the name of the King of the Silver River.  After luring the monster away, the guardian against their will put the adventurers into a peaceful, restful sleep.

Fantasy of God

I realize that the beauty, magic & wonder of the realms of fantasy are not everyone's forte. But I think that Terry Brooks captured an attribute of God that is best described in such a setting as magnificent as this one.  Alone, frightened, & exhausted on the verge of death, the guardian sweeps in and rescues them from the fray.  They don't know quiet how to respond to the mystery, but they sense that he is exciting - wild - and safe.

God is no less in the adventure of life. Knowing our weaknesses & strengths as an artisan infinitely familiar with his craft, He steps in and restores despite our objections.  And when we realize what He is doing, we have the same response: God is wildly unknown and strangely secure. Not just secure, but very secure.