Fantastic Fridays

Another week of fantastic finds:

PacMan Explained
This explains a lot ...

26 Great Geek Cakes
Seriously, when my birthday comes up...

Faking It
One should never fake a heart a court room...with trained medics in the room.

House of Falling Furniture
Creative works of art usually always make my list

All you need is paper, scissors, glue and a general sense of how to follow directions.

Teacher threatens student for using Linux
So distributing a free, open source program is considered piracy.... I think not.

Star Wars Retold ...
... by someone who has never seen it. Pay no attention to the fact her name is Amanda... LOL! Thanks Asher for this one!


  1. Kevin, I have my ubercard installed. This weekend you ought to come check it out. I just loaded NWN2 for a brief second to try it out maxed out, and it makes my previous setup look not just slow, but sluggish o_o