Because You Are My Son

Last Monday,  Caedmon won first place in the tiger and wolves division of his pack at the Pinewood Derby race.  Needless to say, I was proud of the little guy and cheered for him from the sidelines as his lego decked out car crossed the finish line.

During these father-son moments with Caedmon, I often think about the kind of relationship I would have had with my own dad if he were still alive today.  I spent most of my life looking for someone to fulfill that role of a father figure and was often disappointed by the drunks and druggies my alcoholic mother would bring home.  All that to say, I simply can not imagine what it is like to have a real dad cheering for me in the sidelines. Perhaps I would not have been the shy, timid kid who never talked to anyone during school. Perhaps I would have tried out in sports or some other extracurricular activity that involved a cheering parent, an ounce of self confidence, and a taste of security.

However, I am far from bitter about the loss of my dad. In truth, God fulfilled that void countless times over.  He picked me up when my life was shattered, spoke confidence into me when I stood alone and sheltered my heart from the screaming rantics of alcoholic banter flying through my hollow bedroom walls. He whispered "I love you, because you are my son" when I needed it most.

In what ways has God been your Father?

Edit: The following is video of one my absolute favorite songs that reminds me that God is cheering for me just because I am one of His own.