Frustrated and Lost

Have you ever been there?  That place where spritual growth and daily life collide,  forcing one to rise above the other.  More often than not, we are like water being pushed through canal bending in and out in whichever direction is easier.  Al to often it is daily life that seems the easiest.

I am not so much dissappointed in this blog as I am of my lack of desire to study the truths of God more. I can remember specific points in my childhood and youth where reading the scripture and prayer were daily highlights.  Now, between the responsibilities of being a father, a husband, and an employee, it seems like those basic, yet essential spiritual disciplines are more of a daily leftover that I might dig out of the fridge every couple of weeks.


  1. Man I know what you mean, but I find my passion for those things directly related to the people I spend my time with.

    What I mean by that is, my desire to dig into scripture and prayer is often magnified when the people I'm around challenge me to do so. My wife does a great job, but she can only do so much and has her own things to take care of too. I've been w/o a lifegroup for a while and just found one we like. When I'm around people like that that and things come up that challenge my faith, I'm more likely to find my passion for prayer and scripture heightened.

    I can only comment to my experience so this may not be applicable to you, but I'd challenge you to evaluate your Christian relationships and if they aren't challenging you, you may want to bring that up.

    Thanks dude!

  2. Hey Kev, you have an amazing heart for God. I am continuously wow'd by the intense desire you have to follow after Him and to be transformed by Him. I wanted to encourage you, though, to give yourself some freedom. What I mean by that is this: reading Scripture is important, as is prayer, going to church, etc... but a relationship with God doesn't end if you don't read the bible every day. At fifty6 we teach the kids that "worship is finding God, and you can find God in whatever you do." ( ) So, my friend, life happens and let it. Maybe you don't need the type of discipline you think you do. Maybe, instead, you can learn to find and seek Him in any moment and every activity.

  3. To build off of what Ashlove said, there is a wonderful little book, The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. He became a monk in the 16th century, hoping to do great works for God -- to spend countless hours in prayer, contemplation, and adoration of God's glory and majesty. When he got to the monastery, he was put in charge of washing pots and pans. He made it his life's work to experience God's truth and wonder in the midst of the menial task of washing dishes.

    To pick on your work, programming may seem to be mind-numbing at times (I know it seems that way to all of us non-programmers), but try concentrating on how the solution to each new problem is a further way to understand the creation that God has placed you in -- with all of its wonderful intracacies and surprises. Also, all truth belongs to God, and it is designed to bring us closer to him, even if it is a computer program. Meditate on how programming could teach truth.

    To pick on your kids, you talk often about what Caedmon said in a day or how Presley trusts you completely. Try meditating on how you can hear the voice of God in Caedmon's questions or how you can see the face of God in your daughter's smile.

    To pick on your wife, the mystery and holiness of marriage is so often taken for granted. We become familiar with our spouse (I'm guilty of this all the time too), and we forget that learning how to become one with another in spirit, body, and mind is one of the most truly spiritual tasks we have. Meditate on how you relate to your wife reflects how God relates to you -- and how the Trinity relates within himself/themselves.

    Be encouraged.

    As your buddy likes to say, "Everything is spiritual," -- now, go act like it

  4. Trae: Man I really wish you lived in Pville. Our life group is awesome, close, and life changing. You would fit right in with the Equate Death Team.

  5. Asher - LOVE the concept behind the video. Blog post worthy in and of itself. Thanks for your continual encouragement.

  6. Dann - I could never say with any sort of truth behind it, the day has ever gone by when I wasn't thankful for your friendship. Thanks for bringing these simple but powerful moments in my life to the surface and calling me to respond to God.

    PS. Rob thanks you for using his quote.

  7. I think I have some small things of yours. I shall melt them down and dedicate the mess to Gary Gygax.