Caedmon's Hymn

Sorry to mislead you, but I am not referring to this Caedmon’s Hymn. Instead, I am referring to a humbling, yet awesome hymn written by son. Last night before going to bed, Caedmon asked me if he could leave the closet light on. He had several sheets of paper, a book, and a pen in his hand.  He informed me that he felt like writing a song to God and wanted the closet light on so he could see. Furthermore, he asked me to turn on the radio for inspiration. This morning,  we found this in his bed:
My Song for God
By Caedmon Leggett
I love God, cos he
is my saveur.
Oh I want him in my hart.
Oh I love hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim ya.
It is simple and pure. A gentle reminder of the childlike faith that I am surrounded by in the presence of my children.