It's A Small World After All

Disclaimer: Reader, allow me to ask forgiveness for the lack of bloggity blogness.  My wife and I have been sick all week and now the little one, who just turned 4, has strep throat and pink eye.

My wife and I were talking the other night about yet another small world moment. It seems to me they are always around us, but we fail to miss them because of very busy lives. As such, I wanted to share a few of my favorite “small world” moments.

  1. Let’s start with the most recent. Meet Carlos Whittaker. I have never met him before in real life, but I started reading his blog circa 2005, when most of my friends were on Xanga. Back then, he was just Carlos to me. Now, I see ads on his new worship album.  At any rate, small world moment is when my wife met someone who knows him in real life (neighbor, if I remember right) on a Christian mom’s forum.  So my blogging life meets my wife’s forum life.
  2. Meet Anne Jackson. I found Anne’s blog through Carlos’ blog some time ago.   Although, if memory serves me correct, she started on Xanga.  We were in the same blogging circles and mutual online friends with Pink Haired girl, Crystal Renaud  (although Anne knows her in real life). I remember being Anne’s “political side kick” on some of the discussions we three shared on voting. Anne wrote a book and was published since then.  About a month ago, as I was reading a book, Anne was being quoted.  From political sidekick to published author!
  3. Anne & Crystal are real life friends with my next small world guest: Kristi Fair. Kristi and her husband Dan live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  I was reading Kristi’s blog before the big move, back in the days when she worked at Starbucks. A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of having the Fair’s come stay in our home. The Sunday of that weekend, they spoke at our church and Kristi challenged the way we live our lives in such a powerful and simple way. I don’t think I will ever forget these guys and the way they live out their yearning for God in their daily lives.
  4. Taking a detour from the blogging community, our next guests are Mark & Yvette Durham. Mark was the distance librarian at the Wayland Library (where I work) many years ago. They moved to Port Arthur, TX for a new job. Some years later, my wife was on one of her online forums when she made friends with another mom who lives in Port Arthur. Turns out, her new found online friend is Yvette’s next door neighbor!
  5. My favorite small world moment happened in the library a few years ago. A girl walked up to my desk when she saw my name plate. She asked me if I was the same Kevin Leggett who worked at Possum Kingdom Lake Resort Ministries from 6 years earlier. I told her I was and she shared with me her testimony.  Her family was camping one night when she came down to one of our “shows” on the lake. She became a Christian that night and remembered me as one of the actors. I was floored!
There are others like emailing Richard Foster, finding out that Jason Boyett lives about 45 minutes away (hope to have lunch some day bro), and meeting a fellow gamer while passing through Abilene.  Not to mention all the Invisible Children roadies we have met through the years and to watch them on the ICC webcam is awesome! Most of these people don’t know me from Adam and I doubt they read this blog with as much enthusiasm as you or I.  But my point is that we live in such a small world and it is getting smaller as technologies are making the entire world our front porch. I have always been amazed at how Christ transcends technology and brings each of us a little closer.

P.S. Scott & Shelia – I dedicate this post to you guys. While we have never met in real life, you are by far the greatest online friends we have ever had. Some day, we will meet!

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  1. That last one ... HOLY COW! So awesome. Sadly the association made them water down the message. I AM's Actors has decided we will no longer perform there because we basically can only do puppet, kid stuff.