Fatherhood of God & Wiper Blades

Most of the readership knows my father died when I was 7 years old. This drove my mother to become an alcoholic and in turn made our lives absolutely miserable. I missed out many "life lessons" that fathers pass down to their sons. One such lesson was how to change the wipers on a car.

I pulled up to the Wal-mart parking lot thinking that 45 minutes was plenty of time to go in, buy wiper blades, and switch out the old ones. I hastily made my way to the back of the store to discover that blades come in different size and lengths. Not knowing which one to pick, I decided to take off back to the car and remove the old, defunctive blade. After about 20 minutes of pulling and prying the rubber off, I thought surely there was an easier way of doing this. Meanwhile, a guy pulled up in a beat up truck. I asked him if he knew how to replace a wiper blade. He pushed a little button on the back of the blade and off it popped. He then took out a measuring tape and gave me the dimensions I needed for the new blades.

I made my way back to the wiper blades in Wal-mart. Another man was standing there looking for blades for his car. We struck up a conversation and he explained how to install them on the "J" hook. I walked away with my new blades and made it to work with 5 minutes left.

In the end, I thought about these 2 guys and how God made a promise to me as a child. He promised to be the Father I never had, even when it comes to swapping out wiper blades.

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