My Tension With Drugs & Vaccines

It is no secret that we have chosen to forgo vaccinations for our children. Granted, I am no medical expert, but I keep coming across reading after reading that affirms my confidence in the decision we have made. One such article was over the sedative known as thalidomide.

In 1957, thalidomide was tested on mice as a sedative that had the surprising side effect of suppressing vomiting & nausea. As such, it was immediately marketed to pregnant women. At the time, drug administration had tested the sedative so extensively that they declared it harmless and slapped a label on it as wonder drug that had virtually no lethal dosage. A few years later, thalidomide was withdrawn from the market as medical experts discovered that the drug stunted the growth of limbs, resulting in babies being born with distorted limbs.

So, 50+ years down the road, we continue to see the same situation where drugs are being immaturely approved by the FDA (i.e. Baycol, Zelnorm, Vioxx among others). The point is we were told that these were safe and acceptable drugs that ended with fatal repercussions. It feels like pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of our ignorance in order to make a profit.

Do not mistake me as an anti-drug person. There are some medications that I would swear by! But I think in this day where information is readily accessible, we should question we give ourselves and our children. I would also push for all natural I am just rambling.