Fantastic Friday: 4.23.10

Chris Williams asked me the other day, "Are you ever satisfied?". His question was in regards to the design of my blog. And to him, I say, "I am never satisfied, because dis-satisfaction (along with necessity) breeds creativity ." So you will most likely notice some changes around the blog.Forgive me in advance.
  • Bubble Calendar - for all those peeps who enjoy popping plastic bubbles as much as I do
  • Magnetic Calendar - I must be on some kind of calendar kick; this is a great replacement for fridge magnets
  • Dragon Backpack - probably not a big enough D&D fan to wear this
  • Pileus -  an Internet umbrella, seriously?!?
  • Water Walking Ball - yes, please
  • Mail Bags - alternative to the messenger bag; I am a fan of the black and white one
  • Souptoys - nothing to do with soup; these are installable toys for your desktop
  • Land Desk - very cool concept for flooring that converts to a desk
  • Man Packs - for the lazy bachelor in your life
  • Reflectius Clock - how about keeping time with a single laser beam?
  • Tweetle - a kettle that tweets when it is ready
  • Foot Mouse - those of us with hands often don't think about handicapped; it is encouraging to see designers who take it into consideration
  • Anti-slob desk - keep those wires out of your way (my wife should buy me one)
  • Internet TV - I REALLY want one of these; we already do most of our TV watching online
  • Mirror Costume - no joke; the whole thing is made out of mirrors. Would have been perfect for the villain in Unbreakable (the movie). Be sure to click through the whole set.


  1. Oh man. I have to show that dragon backpack to my kids.

  2. I so want that bubble calendar! That would be a creative way for the girls to pop the days til Dad comes home next year!!!

  3. @Jon - my son loved it. My daughter screamed, "No!" when I asked her if she wanted it.

    @Amanda - well, that's just sad

  4. messenger bag = man purse

    Kevin, maybe you should just go ahead, finish growing up, then carry a brief case :)