Apology to the All the Ladies

I thought I would apologize to all the girls/ladies/women on behalf of the male species. The moment this guy walked in, I knew I did not like him. I have this super power called the ‘alpha male radar’. It allows me to detect any alpha male in my presence and determine whether they are the kind you can get along with or if they are the egotistical, self-interested type that talk incessantly about themselves and how they stack up to the rest of the male population.  This guy was of the latter persuasion and for 45 minutes I listened and watched as he:

  • Informed the rest of his colleagues (who were all guys) that he has dated more girls at this campus than any other guy
  • He insisted that girls just want a guy who is willing to listen…which is why he invites them over while he plays a video game and all he has to do is say “yeah” and “uh-huh” at the right times
  • He decided that he needed some paper to jot notes on, so he walked over to the printer and helped himself without asking any of the staff. The printer is located behind the circulation desk and is sectioned off for staff only
  • He told the other guys in the study group that their presentation would be egotistical but that the teacher would like it because it shows confidence
  • When a girl walked in that he knew,  he called out “hey sweety” loud enough for every one in the building to hear him. He then walked over to her, gave her a hug, and told her that she looked “so good”. When he got back to his study group (across from my desk), he informed his colleagues that she has a boyfriend and that he has is going to try to get this girl to date him this weekend. He found her info on Facebook
  • He also takes girls on dates to his favorite restaurants, because that is the only time he can go to them (he’s not interested in where they want to go)
  • Finally, he makes it a point to every date that he is on a date and is not interested in the relationship thing

By the time they left, it was lunch time.  I almost couldn’t eat because I was so sick of hearing this guy. So, ladies, please let me apologize. We are not all like that (ask my wife). And if you run into a guy like this, drop him faster than a bad habit. You are worth so much more than this guy will ever make you feel, because you were made in the image of God.


  1. I love you so much more than possible, Kevin (in a purely spiritual way). I wish someone had made this clear to me before I learned it the hard way (more than once).

  2. @sherril - thank you, that means a lot. I love you and your family so very much!

  3. It's sad, but I read a summary of a study once where they found that the majority of women were attracted to three traits: self-centerdness, risk-taking, and a tendency toward violence. There seems to be a real basis for the feeling that women prefer the bad boy. It's a sad thing, but he may get what he wants more than he should.

  4. @canicus - ouch. Not sure how we can remedy the situation.

  5. @Kevin. I don't think we can. Because the problem is hardwired into both genders, it will be perennial. :(