Jesus is a Disappointment

Jesus has pretty much been a disappointment since birth.  If you think about it, the Great Messiah was supposed to be a king, born of noble birth, destined to rule Israel in the same fashion of Saul, David, and Solomon. Instead, he was a carpenter’s son, born in a manger of all places. And it when it came to ruling, Jesus was a complete pushover with this “turn the other cheek” nonsense.

Kings had massive escorts that paraded them through town with servants at their beck and call. Instead, Jesus came riding through town on a donkey and all he ever seemed to talk about was “praying for our enemy” and serving each other.  In fact, he even went so far as to get down on his hands and knees to wash his disciple’s feet. The guy was completely vulnerable and didn’t have the workings of a strong, diligent King who could lead an army big enough to wipe out the Romans.

In my own life, he has disappointed me time and time again. This is especially true when things do not turn out the way I expect them to. Jesus is always changing the game plan on me, so that it is difficult at best to see where I am going. In fact, it pretty much feels like I am stumbling through most of the chaos. There are times when I expect to be protected, sheltered, delivered from the storms only to find that he hands me an umbrella and says “Walk through it.” And how many countless times have I asked Jesus to deal with those who have done me wrong? You know what his reply is 9 times out of 10? “Kevin, I want you to serve them and love them.”

So, if you are thinking about following forewarned.  He’s full of disappointment.

Reader, it doesn’t stop there. He’s also full of life changing grace. When I expect to be beaten, abused, and run through, left for dead, Jesus picks me up off the floor, forgives my sins, and carries me to some where safe. His habit of disappointing me has saved me from heartache and despair more times than I can count.  And the whole “love your enemy” bit is nothing short of difficult, inspirational character building that people crave but are too stuck on being right, instead of righteous.

Jesus is full of disappointment, and I am glad.

Has he ever disappointed you?


  1. He has disappointed me many times, too. And, through those disappointments, I have grown to love Him and appreciate His character more and more. What an inspiring example of suffering (1 Pet 2:21).

  2. That is lovely. You have a gift!

  3. @James - you and me both bro. I hope to be just as disappointing as Him someday.

    @Rachel - Thanks. Long time no chat. How are you friend?