Mother's Day For a Dad

Admittedly, this is going to sound  like a “toot your own horn” post, but hear me out. There is more to it than that.  I came to realization that the only thing different that happened on Mother’s Day for my wife was that we gave her presents. And if we had the money in the budget, I probably would have taken her to her favorite restaurant.

Given any other day, I would have watched the kids so she could take a nap, taken out the trash, cleaned where she needed help (a.k.a. the bathrooms), and done the dishes after supper. Doing house chores for my wife is like second nature, and an outpouring of my love. Granted, there are times when she asks me to do something and I grit my teeth, throw a mini-fit, mumble something under my breath...but in the end I do it, because I love her.  So this Mother’s Day, I did some internal examination and it meant something significant that I had this part down. For once in my life, I think I am actually doing something right with this whole marriage-relationship-parenting-life thing.

So, am I tooting my own horn? Or am I just coming to a realization that I needed for a long time? When I think about all the failures in my life, both past and present, it feels hopeless.  But its these small moments when I realize that God is doing a work in me like the subtle, yet powerful erosion of a gentle river through a canyon.