We've Been Given Super Powers

Last Sunday, our pastor approached my son before the service started. He asked Caedmon “If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be?” Without reservation, Caedmon enthusiastically responded “Fire!” He wants the ability to set anything on fire with the snap of his fingers. Not exactly practical, but fun none the less.  I was thinking something a little more practical, like flying. With a power like that, I could see the world, be on time more often, and save helpless cats stuck in a tree.

Our pastor went on to point out that most people when asked that question do not think of how a super power would be beneficial to others. Ouch! It’s true, that wasn’t my first thought either (except, save the cat part).  So this is what I have been mulling over in my spare time.

What super power could I use to help others?

Well, honestly, none. If I had the ability to heal others through my own means, then a very terrible thing would happen. People would treat me like a god. If my ability to remove illness caught wind, it would only be a matter of time before the masses were amounting outside my door step.  If I had the ability to fly and used it for the good of all, eventually some would worship me for my super-human abilities. Others would want to dissect me in hopes of learning what mutation in my genetic structure gave me these new powers. The whole thing would be a disaster!

On the other hand, we’ve been given super powers…

The fact of the matter is that if you are a Christian, then you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you. And the Holy Spirit equips us to do many great and wonderful things in order to server other people. And when we are recognized for those powers, we immediately recognize that credit as God’s not ours. We have the ability to heal others, create hope in otherwise desperately lost situations, and restore people back to a life of abundance. We tread upon the darkest strongholds with the light of Christ, illuminating with purity and exposing the schemes of the enemy.

And with this understanding, I am no longer left to dream of super powers. Rather, I am left equipped to engage the enemy head on.


  1. Love this.... " then you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you. And the Holy Spirit equips us to do many great and wonderful things in order to serve other people."

    We should be doers of the Word... I needed to hear this today. Thanks!

  2. @Robyn - Thanks for stopping by the blog. I am glad you were encouraged by as much as I.

  3. Kevin, this is incredible.
    #1 -- props for using the Super Powers logo from the 80's. I geeked out just seeing.

    #2 -- I love how your preacher brought that message home. we automatically look at us first before blessing others -- even the best of us.

    Thank you for spelling out our powers, and who is responsible. Instead of dreaming about being an alpha class telekinetic/telepath (read X-Men for that one), I can dream about the reality that I do have powers to change the world.