Disconnected Connection

A wonderful problem happened in the Leggett household last night! At around 9:00 PM, the children and wife made their way to the home office asking me "what happened to the Internet?" Our router blew out and we were officially disconnected.
I was in full on Geek mode. Tried resetting it to factory settings, updating firmware, power cycling...you name it and I probably tried it. The whole time I kept thinking what are the kids going to watch to go to bed. My wife reminded me of those things called DVDs. Oh, yeah, forgot those existed.
You see, reader, in our house almost everything is online. We watch movies and TV either on the Wii (through Netflix), on our Roku box, on in our browsers via several electronic devices. Needless to say, we are a very connected family!
It was nice to be disconnected. Forced us to take some time to appreciate the "disconnected" things in our life. We all went to bed early and I'm certain the kids had to find out how to play with their toys outside of their computers today. Appreciating the silence a little more.