Parental Incarnation

HendrixOver the weekend I had a wonderful experience with our youngest, Hendrix. It was Sunday morning and I was on baby duty. Typically, this parental feat requires that you spend about 15 minutes holding the little one, while he adjusts to waking up. Then you either place him on the floor in front of a mound of toys or sit him into a contraption designed to entertain him while you make breakfast (i.e. Exersaucer! sp?).
But not this morning. I decided to completely immerse myself into his world. I stayed on my knees and belly, army crawling through the vast mounds of brightly colored toys, watching Baby Einstein with Hendrix in my lap (and yes, the DVD really does entertain him), and replicating gibberish with absolute accuracy as each syllable rolled of his tongue. We had this bonding moment for an hour and a half before he grew sleepy and wanted ‘mama’.
I looked back at that experience and realized that I bonded with the little guy deeper than I ever thought possible. What happened in those moments was glimpse of the Incarnation. God unashamedly stepped down as Christ to experience our limited view, speak our gibberish, and army crawl through our world all the while knowing that bigger and better experiences were waiting for us. God did because He loved us.
Thank you Father!