Too Old to Blog

One of our 2012 goals at work was to integrate social media into our recruiting strategy. While I am not a recruiter, I have been involved in blogging, social media, etc since the late 90's. In fact, if you were to Google "Caedmon (my son) Leggett's dad", you would find a disturbing amount of pictures of me.I was very prolific early on in my blogging career and enjoyed the networking.

However, as I had more and more responsibilities at work, my social networking lifestyle took a turn and became second place to raising three children, being a husband, and trying to stay fresh and significant at work. Unfortunately, my spiritual growth also took the back burner. While I maintained all the knowledge from my undergraduate studies, the connection I once had with Christ grew stagnant. It was like remembering a really good childhood friendship. You think about how great it was, and wish you could go back. But that seems like an impossible hope compared to the reality you now live in. I'm just longing today.

My middle child turns 6 today and it makes me realize how quickly time has passed. I also realize that no one is stopping me from teetering the social world. Even more importantly, is that Christ is not some long forgotten friendship, but a very real and present king/friend waiting to breath life into me.

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