Quickness of Life

There were several people in the room with her right before it happened. Someone told a joke and she laughed. During her last laugh, she moved her hands up to brace the sides of her head and quietly said, "Something is wrong." She immediately collapsed and was gone. An aneurism took her life in an instant.

That happened on  Tuesday of this past week. On Monday, I had stopped by her office to talk to her about a project that we were mutually working on. In fact, I had received an email from her Tuesday morning before it happened, confirming an appointment we had set up. While she wasn't close enough to be a "friend", she was certainly one of the people at work that I had befriended. And just like that, she was gone.

It made me realize the shortness of life, the frailty of our existence, and how incredibly wasteful I have been with the limited number of breathes I have been given. It put everything into perspective.

Our days are numbered. The writer of Ecclesiastes (most likely Solomon) put it this way, "There is a time for every thing. A time to live and a time to day." So these words have hung heavy on my heart all week. It is my hope when the trivial problems of life invite themselves in, that I think about what Solomon was trying to say and put everything back into perspective.