To Hell With the Dark Knight

By now, you've heard and seen the photos, watch the videos, and read the numerous stories about the tragic opening of the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises in Auroro, Colorado. My initial emotional reaction was similar to the same feelings I had when I first heard about the Columbine shootings back in 1999. I was ANGRY.

And the target of my anger was Satan, Lucifer, the fallen, deceptive, "angel of light" who wreaks havoc on our lives. My response back then and was earlier this week, "why can't Satan just go to hell and leave us alone." We screw up enough on our own without his intervention. What could possibly motivate him to do even more damage in our lives? Are we as humans that much of a threat? The truth is that you and I are worthless in Satan's eyes. Yet, there is one connection that keeps us on his evil radar: God loves us. It was never about you or me reader. It has always and will ever be about Him, God the Father, Creator and lover of the one creation made in His image: humans. So Satan wreaks havoc in our lives, influencing the evil in this world, because his greatest desire is to usurp God's authority in our lives: be it a day at school or an evening at the movie theaters.