Moment of Silence

The first floor of our company building is usually swarming with the buzz of people & small talk centered around the two industrial grade cappuccino machines.When I walked in this morning, I found the same large group of people standing in stunned silence gathered around the large TV screen watching the bells toll for the victims of the Newtown.  While the world had not ended as the Mayans predicted, the Holidays had ended for the victim's families.

There are thousands of posts, articles, books & papers from theologians trying to harmonize the reality of pain with the fundamental attributes of God's love, so there is not much more I can add to the subject. However, it suffices to say that I have suffered my fair share in life and never once did I question God's love for me. I don't connect pain and suffering with a direct cause from Him, but rather as a by product of sin.  And while this doesn't take the pain away, there is hope for families involved in any tragedy because He offers a peace that passes all understanding. It simply does not make sense, yet there it is. A small sliver of hope, a glimpse of warmth, and a reminder to be thankful of the things that we do have in life...a deepened gratitude for the lives of my own children and very precious each moment is.

Rather than posting a Fantastic Friday this week, I wanted to take a moment of silence and reflect on the tragedies and blessings in my own life. I invite you to do the same reader.