Not All Who Wander

I received a new journal for Christmas with the phrase "Not all who wander are lost." I wish I could say that over the recent holiday I felt like I was wandering on purpose.  But in reality, my heart was in a much more somber mood. Christmas morning found the following things:
  • My two year dealing with day 3 of a virus induced diarrhea
  • My mother-in-law sick & weak cooking for the whole family
  • My family & in-laws scattered about with most of their heads (mine included) stuck in their electronic devices
  • Called my own mother to find that she woke up to nothing & no one to celebrate with.
  • No time alone with my wife. None. Zilch. 
I don't mean to paint a negative picture of Christmas Day, because there were many things that went well. The kids loved their presents, I got everything on my list, my wife got a charm bracelet from Tiffany's, and my mother-in-law managed to pull off some wonderful dishes before settling down! It wasn't a "bad" Christmas at all. But in the midst of all the new stuff, I felt disconnected from Christ & my family.

Instead, I found myself wandering, like the world around me kept moving on in slow motion. And *snap* like that Christmas Day 2012 had come & gone. It was over. The presents had been unwrapped, the newness of things wore off, and we went on about our day.

So, what will Christmas 2013 look like? I want to find myself wandering the greatness of God, my relationship with Him, and all the avenues & plans He has for my life and family. I want to find patience & strength in the midst of my children's health problems. I want to find myself stirring conversations around me, so that I don't find myself engrossed in my tablet. I want to be in the best part of my ever growing marriage.

I want to find myself wandering on purpose.

What about your reader? How was your Christmas this year?