Superfluos Saturdays: 2/9/13

A belated post is better than no post at all:
  • Opentopia - I realize that webcams are most likely a thing of the past. However, wants to bring the fun back with their world wide collection of public web cams, including the famous Ice Hotel in Sweden.
  • Love Makes the World Go Weird - Great collection of nerdy love posters just in time for Valentines day.
  • Sketchbook of Lirna Vinnick - I always find someone's sketchbook an interesting window into human mind & our perception of the world around us.
  • Cubecraft Super Heroes - need something to do on a dull Saturday afternoon. Drag out the cardsctock & scissors to make your own super hero army.
  • Tetris Inspired Sculptures - Michael Johansson takes packing to a whole new level, creating impeccably stacked sculptures using some mad Tetris skills.
  • When DIY Goes Wrong - just because it looks pretty on Pinterest, doesn't mean it will translate to a prim & proper DIY project, especially in the hands of one like me.
  • Bryan Stevenson on Social Justice - I invite you to watch a powerful TED video, which has been rumored to have the longest standing ovation at TED.
  • Caring for Your Introvert - Despite what my wife says, I think I fit the bill for an introvert.
  • Matter Matters to God - Beautiful video over God caring about everything He created.
  • Visual Timeline of the One Ring - Need a visual to walk you through the story of the Lord of the Rings?