The Father Effect

In searching for authentic manhood, I stumbled across this short film called "The Father Effect". It is a powerful, humbling insight into the effect that growing up without a father has on children. I've already recognized the impact of growing up without a dad had on my life and marriage. Within minutes of watching the video, a tear was running down my cheek. I still have not defined what Fatherhood looks like for me, what is expected of me as a husband and a dad, and am angry that all of it was beyond my control.  I don't know if what I am doing is enough & sincerely hope that I can only steer my own children towards a right relationship with God as it was the only redeeming constant in my tumultuous childhood.

Check out the video over here:

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  1. I think our kids are incredibly blessed to have you as a father. You're there for them, every day, without fail. You encourage them, love them, are attentive to them, and engaged with them. If their future success rests on your ability to be there for them, then I have no doubts that they will grow up to be amazing people.