Fantastic Fridays

It has been ages since the last FF post.  Hey, I am trying. Don't judge!

Plug & Play
Absolutely ingenious shelving concept. Plug your shelving unit into a wall socket and voila! Unfortunately, it is in French. I am not sure that the standard height for European plugs are the same as American.

All organic & green store.

Sharpie Interactive
Sharpie released some very exciting, interactive ads that allow users to doodle as they are waiting for the bus. My only issue is what about profanity or offensive drawings?

Hype Machine
If you are a music lover, then chances are you have already hit this site. For those who want to discover new music, this is an excellent site.

Spam Recycler
What better thing to do with all those spam email than to recycle them?

It has been called "iTunes for eBooks" and looks to be a promising, open source alternative for eBook readers.

All the video without the distractions.

A Lesson in Hanging Toilet Paper
The great debate has finally been resolved...visually.

Office Pod
For those of us who work from home, you just drool!

Search Cube
Search the internet in 3-d


  1. Aww, I didn't make it this time. There's always next Friday, I guess…

  2. Cool as always. I especially like the search cube. I could spend hours playing with that one.

    It saddens me to think that soon all the only way that I'll know that you are still alive is through these Fantastic Friday posts :(

    By the way, are you going to see the new Star Trek?

  3. Dann: You could always start playing World of Warcraft. :) And do not have any intentions on seeing the new Star Trek movie. I am a Star Wars purist now. I shall not be tainted.

  4. Jon: That's true. You usually make the list. However, my life is so hectic at the moment, I rarely get to update!