Midnight Post

It is after midnight and it has been weeks since I last posted.  Many blog worthy events have happened in the interim and unfortunately my pen did not catch them as they transpired.  I keep coming back with the intention of writing something, but we all know how very little intentions matter. This is especially true of intentions that have been stripped of any action.

I will ask that you bare with me a little longer.  In a month, my life is going to radically change. My family is moving to the mountains of New Mexico, where we will be surrounded with the incredible beauty of God's nature and perhaps a little over 10 neighbors.  June 13th, 2009 will be a very bittersweet time in my life as I will be saying good bye to many friends and acquantinences, most of whom I will most likely never see again.

After the move, there were far fewer interuptions, allowing me the time to give serious thought to my blog. At the same time, I think we are going to truly miss those interuptions.  So keep my family in your prayers and hang in a little while longer as we prepare for the move.


  1. It took a while, but I'm getting "raincheck tickets" to be sent to me in the mail. They should be in by Friday.

  2. Hey, if you guys need anyone else to go with you... :)